Get ready, set, go!

CSIS Cross Country 2011

Published on Thursday, 2 June 2011, 1:49 p.m. Print Article

House placings:

1st Sheppard, 2nd Ngata, 3rd Rutherford, 4th Hillary.

On the 1st of June our whole school went,  to Hagley Park for a challenging event. Known as the Cross Country many people fear, we walked there feeling all very queer. We snacked on good sources of food, to give us energy and a running mood. Soon enough it was time for our race, but first we practiced setting our pace. After the practise was finally through, we lined up at the start waiting for our cue. “Get ready set go!,” Mr Robbie said, running off the start line everyone fled. One at a time our age groups departed, leaving the start line fully heartened. By the time we had reached halfway, the big bunch had broken away. But everyone was trying their best, to conquer and compete against all of the rest. All students finished the tiresome run, receiving a place just for fun. The top 30 got their names recorded on a sheet, telling their times and places they hope to beat. All in all the day went well, Some people struggled but others thought it was swell. Proud students of South went back to school, Safe for another year from the Cross Country expectations and rules.
Oscar Woodward R5
Year 7 Girls 1st Tess 16.50 H4, 2nd Brenna 16.55 R5, 3rd Hollie 16.56 R1
Year 7 Boys 1st Cole 14.23 H4, 2nd Max 14.47 R2, 3rd Jarre 15.59 R4
Year 8 Girls 1st Tessa 17.01 S2, 2nd Anna 17.02 N3, 3rd Ella 17.30 N4
Year 8 Boys 1st Simon 14.12 S2, 2nd Jacob 14.38 N3, 3rd Alex 14.47 N3