ICAS: Digital Tech, Science and Spelling

Published on Friday, 8 November 2019, 12:34 p.m. Print Article

This year we had 16 students sit the ICAS Digital Technologies exam, 21 students sit the Spelling exam and 25 students sit the Science exam. To receive a Merit Certificate the students need to score in the top 50% of all students in the NZ and Pacific region. Those achieving Credit Certificates score in the top 30%, Distinction Certificates score in the top10% and High Distinction score in the top 1%. Congratulations to all students who sat these exams. 

Year 7  Digital Technologies
Merit – Jacob Andrist H4, James Berry R1, 
Credit – Sam Cox H4, Thisum  Lawrance H1,

Year 7 Spelling
Merit - Rebecca Hynes H4,
Credit - Anouk Hector Taylor H1, Jennifer Monnonx  H1, Lucia Stevenson N1

Year 7 Science
Merit - Justin Corlett  R1, Samuel Andrist H1, Cameron Mitchell H1
Credit – Jacob Andrist  H4, Thisum Lawrance H1, 
Distinction – Hanna North H4

Year 8  Digital Technologies
Merit – Tyler Chesterman H3, 
Distinction - Maisie Bowen S3, Callum Hynes S3, Aaron Moore S3, 

Year 8  Spelling
Merit - Nyssa Broderick  H2, Callum Hynes S3,   
Credit - Zinzan Bondarenko-Leatua N3,  Matthew Currie S3,  Zoey Kenix  S3,
Distinction - Amy Wallis S3

Year 8  Science
Credit – James Quinn H3, Amy Wallis  S3,
Distinction – Maisie Bowen S3, Zoey Kenix  S3, James Wright S3, 
High Distinction - Callum Hynes S3, Aaron Moore S3