Christ's College Science Competition

Published on Wednesday, 13 November 2019, 2:03 p.m. Print Article

Last week four keen scientist, Jacob, Cameron, Anouk and Hanna, attended the Christ's College Year 7 Science Competition. They were tasked with the challenge of solving three problems in three difference learning areas; biology, chemistry and physics. 
Competing against 7 other schools from around Christchurch, they represented us very proudly! Biology brought them a crime scene to investigate which they did with methodical precision and accuracy. A challenge was presented to them in physics, where graphing skills and a range of new skills were required to reach a result. Then the group tackled chemistry, identifying a range of chemicals by conducting a range of tests and making accurate observations. They were observed by teachers of each of these disciplines, and marked on a range of criteria. 
Overall the level of team work, attention to detail and skill was extremely high! Well done to the entire team for bringing the South Way to a new environment and learning a lot on the way.