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Thursday, 17 Oct 2019
Knowledge-a thon
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PALs duty at lunchtime
Mon Tuesday Wed Zinzan & Jimmy Thurs and Friday Lina & Ethan If you can't make it, it is your responsibility to organise a replacement




Latest News

Alternative Week - Day 1

In Hillary Pod, year 7 and 8 students are having a wearable arts competition to see which costume has the most meaning to it. The groups are between 4 and 5 people with year 8s and 7s. Each person has brought their own recycled materials and items to create their masterpiece. The materials they used were plastic, cotton balls, bubble wrap, feathers, egg cartons, ribbons, old clothing and sacks. The skills they are learning and used are: being creative, collaboration, school values and planning. The competition is fierce and with so many people working hard to make the best wearable costume win! By Aimee and AlyHillary Pod

Hip Hop Competition

In early September the Boys' and Girls Hip Hop teams went to Hornby High School for the day to compete in the Canterbury Championships. It was an amazing day watching the top dancers from Canterbury compete against each other. After their original performance, both teams were called back for a rerun before the final decision was made on the winners. When the anxious wait was over, both teams were announced in 3rd place. 

Broadgreen Day 1

The Broadgreen team arrived safe and sound on Sunday evening after a long, but beautiful trip. The weather in Nelson is fantastic and students were welcomed from their host families, then welcomed into school early this morning. Following the mihi whakatau, students enjoyed partaking in some modules which included slack lining, mountain biking, cooking, arts, rock climbing and table tennis. Some students took part in a Mathetix competition and one team came third place. Everyone then departed for Rabbit Island, which is a beach venue. The activities organised gave the students more great opportunities to bond with each other. We are looking forward to the first round of sport on Tuesday. 

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