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Friday, 23 Aug 2019
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Kids Lit Success

This year's Kids Lit Quiz saw 2 teams from South competing against 52 other teams from Canterbury for the honour of being this year's kids lit champions. Each team's knowledge of children's literature was tested over 10 rounds intended to challenge even the most confident and well-read teams. Question categories included Amphibians, Babies, Birthdays, Captains Caves and more.As always the competition was fierce and after five rounds the Year 8 team was well placed. The second half of the competition was tense with all teams striving for success. As the final results were announced, the South 1 Team of Aaron, Luca, Macey and Maisie took out the top spot with an impressive 86 points out of a possible 100. A stunning result from the Year 8 team who will once again compete in the New Zealand KIds Lit final in Wellington.

Cantamaths 2018

On 21st August 2018, our school’s top 8 math problem-solvers in year 7 and 8 attended the Cantamath challenge at the Horncastle Arena. The year 7s started first and the team quickly gained points on the board and a place in the front bunch of teams. They finished an admirable 5th of 94 teams and were one of ONLY six teams in year 7 to gain the ‘golden ticket’ meaning they achieved a perfect score of 100 points.Next was the year 8 team who were eager to improve on the previous year’s score. They started in the middle of the pack, but their tenacity saw them move up the rankings. The team stalled at question 13, but after a gap of 7 minutes, they were off again. Their final score was an admirable 85 points which put them in 10th position out of the 93 teams and a much-improved placing from 2017. Ka mau te wehi!

Team Maths 2018

On Tuesday 14th August, sixty-four teams from around the school competed in the Team Maths event. Excitement had built up over the previous week, as classes practiced problem-solving techniques and worked together to build skill in tackling a wide range of mathematical conundrums.The year seven competition was a thriller, with a close competition between Ngata and Sheppard in the A grade. The runners of the teams sprinted to the answer desk, time after time within seconds of each other. Lead of the competition changed several times between Ngata and Sheppard. Both of them faltered on question 18, with the runner sprinting back again and again to the marker. The final 5 points were gained in a split-second dash between the two teams with Sheppard snatching the victory by a couple of minutes. The Year eight teams went second. Many of the B grade teams struggled with some of the earlier questions and this slowed them down resulting in no teams receiving a perfect score. Rutherford finished in first place with the highest score of 75.  The A-grade teams were away quickly, but question number 9 stumped most teams for quite some time.  Up to question 9, the lead teams in the A grade were neck and neck. Out of nowhere all teams but one got stuck for some time and a clear leader was found with Rutherford pulling away and winning the A grade with a perfect score of 100 and just seven minutes remaining. They were the only team to reach a perfect score in the year 8 competition. By Clara Dujakovic and M McCombe

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